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Unfold the Kites


LW - Unfold The Kites Title

click cover to download

We are very proud to announce that our first EP Unfold The Kites is now available.

The EP is available for free and can be downloaded by clicking the album cover above.

It has been a very interesting and challenging process. We have learned so much from it.


We hope you enjoy it.




1. Love Me Twice

2. This Time

3. Dreams

4. Seeing You Once Again

5. Maybe



EP Recorded at Noorderlicht Studios, Breezand.

Recorded & Produced by Bo Meskers, Tim Verheijen and Erik Groot.

Engineered by Bo Meskers.

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering.


LW - Unfold The Kites Title

Dont forget to download our EP

In het start of April we released our first EP ‘Unfold The Kites’ which we are very proud to show you.
It was recorded in the Noorderlicht Studios by our good friends; Bo Meskers, Tim Verheijen and Erik Groot.
Give them a check as well. Noorderlicht Studios

You can easily download our EP by clicking on the album cover on the website. Thank you for your support and interest.

-Loud Wednesdays



Blog Post

Website launched

It’s here!


We are very proud to announce that the official website of Loud Wednesdays has been launched.
From here on out this will be our workstation for Music, Photo’s, Video’s and News related to Loud Wednesdays.
We are very excited about this and will put our outmost effort into giving all that you expect from us.


For those on Facebook, be sure to like our Loud Wednesdays Page.
Also bookmark our website for easy access.


Yours truly,


Loud Wednesdays



21st of March

Rising Band Contest




Rising Band Contest


21st of March


‘t Geveltje, Schagen


Just like last year we’re competing in the Rising Band Contest. This contest is hosted by a group of musicians who had the idea of keeping the music scene alive in Schagen and make sure some quality music is played.

In this contest we are able to win a place on the notorious Popweekend Schagen, and open up on the second day. We invite you all to come join us in Schagen to enjoy great bands and music. The stakes are high so we are going to give our best.

See you there!



Loud Wednesdays is an Amsterdam-based band consisting of four gentlemen. The very roots of Loud Wednesdays started when Joran and Bart combined their shared interest and formed a duo back in 2006. After co-writing a number of songs in varying degrees of intensity, they felt the songs needed more power and decided to strengthen the band with additional members. Emiel and Dima joined in the summer of 2010 and Loud Wednesdays was formed into its current shape.


So far, the mix of influences and different inputs resulted in the creation of the band’s first 5-song EP, multiple gigs, a new website, and a steadily growing fan base in both the Netherlands and Russia. Loud Wednesdays consists of Joran (lead vocal, rhythm guitar, piano), Bart (lead guitar, piano, backing vocals), Emiel (drums, backing vocals) and Dimitry (bass).

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